Song Of The Day 001

Right now:

U.S. Maple "Dumb In The Wings" (from Purple On Time, 2003)

After eight years of meandering, stalling and getting lost in so-called "deconstruction", Chicago's U.S. Maple finally allowed themselves to rock out a wee bit. Who knew they had it in them? It's like listening to a completely different band but I love it just the same.

Incidently, there's a documentary in the works.

Annette's Got The Hits

Before the International Red Cross made them change their name, and long before they were a crappy rock band getting played on Citylimits (or 120 Minutes I guess), Red Cross (bka Redd Kross) were a pretty killer LA punk band with members of Black Flag and Bad Religion. It's kind of funny that this song mocks cover bands ("we're a cover band/we like boring songs/.../we listen to Kiss..") and then four years later their second album was all covers, including a Kiss song, but whatever, this rips.

Red Cross "Cover Band" (from s/t 12", aka Annette's Got The Hits, 1979)

Thank You Friends

Big Beat (this one, not this one) has issued a double-disc set celebrating the mid 60s – early 70s era of the legendary Memphis label Ardent. The compilation features a host of Big Star-related bands and more than a dozen BS rarities, ranging from near identical outtakes to previously unreleased songs. This is what drew me in, but hearing the lesser known Ardent bands is a big treat as well, and shows that Big Star weren't the only Memphis artists operating at the nexus point of rock, pop, glam and more traditional sounds.

Disc One:
01 The Ole Miss Downbeats – Geraldine
02 Lawson & Four More – If You Want Me You Can Find Me
03 The Avengers – Batarang
04 The Wallabies – White Door
05 Lawson & Four More – Halfway Down The Stairs
06 The Bitter Ind – Hands Are Only To See
07 The 1st Century – The Surveyor
08 Terry Manning – Rocks
09 The Wallabies – Up And Down Children
10 Terry Manning – Not At All
11 The 1st Century – Looking Down
12 The Honey Jug – In 1852 We
13 The Goatdancers – Patches Of Dust
14 Chris Bell – Psychedelic Stuff
15 Alex Chilton – Free Again
16 Icewater – All I See Is You
17 The Badgers – Every Shoemaker
18 Sid Selvidge – Miss Eleana
19 Rock City – Lovely Lady
20 Alex Chilton – Every Day As We Grow Closer
21 Terry Manning – Guess Things Happen That Way
22 Icewater – Feeling High
23 Alex Chilton – The Emi Song (Smile For Me)
24 Rock City – Think It's Time To Say Goodbye

Disc Two:
01 Big Star – In The Street
02 Cargoe – Feel Alright
03 Big Star – When My Baby’s Beside Me
04 Big Star – My Life Is Right
05 Big Star – Back Of A Car
06 Cargoe – I Love You Anyway
07 Big Star – I Got Kinda Lost
08 The Hot Dogs – Let Me Look At The Sun
09 Big Star – Mod Lang
10 Big Star – She’s A Mover
11 The Hot Dogs – I Walk The Line
12 Big Star – September Gurls
13 Big Star – Big Black Car
14 Alex Chilton – Lovely Day (aka Stroke It Noel)
15 Big Star – For You
16 Alex Chilton – Downs
17 Big Star – Kizza Me
18 Big Star – Holocaust
19 Chris Bell – You And Your Sister
20 Tommy Hoehn – Love You (All Day Long)
21 Big Star – Thank You Friends
22 Tommy Hoehn – Blow Yourself Up
23 The Scruffs – My Mind
24 Alex Chilton – Don’t Worry Baby

new Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit have a new 12" entitled Congress coming out in summer, and half of it ("Red Pen" and "Angry Swan") went up on their myspace a few weeks ago. No surprise, the new songs sound excellent, like an extension of Hammer Of The Gods. Definitely looking forward to the EP..

DFA crew live at the MoMA

New York's Museum Of Modern Art was kind enough to toss up recordings of the DFA crew and affiliates spinning at the March 1 party for the Color Chart exhibition. Grab them here (direct links - right click, save as):

Justin Miller & Jacques Renault
Holy Ghost
Tim Goldsworthy & Tim Sweeney
Juan Maclean

Or at the MoMA site here


1. 80 minutes worth of Tony Humphries live on KISS FM, summer of 1989, via Good Records' ongoing "Hoody Allen Files" mix series.

2. Jeff "I like pizza (a lot), pigs are very cute but I love ham and bacon" Nelson waxes nostalgic on his "Meese Is A Pig" poster/shaming campaign of the late 80s.. on Ebay no less. Own a piece of Iran/Contra and DC punk history with one $10 item.

3. A handful of joints to honor the Angello/Ingrosso portion of the Swedish House Mafia hitting Celebrities tonight..

Steve Angello & Eric Prydz "Woz Not Woz"

Felix Da Housecat "Jack U" (Angello & Ingrosso remix)

Steve Angello "Voices" (Eric Prydz remix)

Steve Angello / Laidback Luke "Be" (Nacho Lovers Edit)

R.I.P. Klaus Dinger

From Grönland:

We are very sad to report the death of Klaus Dinger, who died suddenly of heart failure four days before his 62nd birthday on March 20th 2008.

Dinger formed Neu! with Micheal Rother in 1971, releasing three seminal albums: Neu!, Neu 2! and Neu 75!

His landmark drumming style on these records, a propulsive almost surf-like repetitious groove defined the term 'motorik' and has had a profound influence on a huge range of artists such as Primal Scream, Stereolab, Wilco, David Bowie, The Boredoms and Four Tet.

He later formed La Dusseldorf, selling over a million copies in the 70s and 80s.

The burial took place amongst a private circle of family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

NEU! and La Düsseldorf are two of my favorite German bands and a lot of that has to do with Dinger's so-called Motorik beat. The "Apache Beat", as Dinger referred to it, is an instantly identifiable 4/4 rhythm that epitomized the mechanical / futuristic vibe at the heart of Krautrock. Endlessly propulsive, it drove most of their songs and was adopted by many other German bands, as well as American and European bands of the 90s and 00s.

It's worth noting that Dinger was also an early member of Kraftwerk along with his future NEU! partner Michael Rother. Both appeared on the first self-titled Kraftwerk album.

NEU! "Hallogallo" (from NEU!, 1972)

NEU! "After Eight" (from NEU! 75, 1975)

NEU! "Quick Wave Machineue" (from NEU! 4, 1986)

La Düsseldorf "Time" (from La Düsseldorf, 1976)

La Düsseldorf "Geld" (from Viva, 1978)