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Just cause I can, I made a muxtape. It's a two-parter actually – you can check it here and here. It's pretty evenly split between all-time favorites and new stuff I'm loving. I think it bangs if I do say so myself, which I can because it's not like I wrote the songs or anything.

So.. because I've totally been slacking on posting new stuff so far this summer, here's a doubleshot of rips for you:

Defender was a one-off project by Alan Braxe, Fred Falke and Savage. The title track here doesn't really do much for me (call me a purist but I never really felt the guitars), so the b-side wins again – "Bliss" is a Braxe / Falke classic.

Defender "Defender" (from Defender / Bliss EP, 2005)

Defender "Bliss" (from Defender / Bliss EP, 2005)

Principle Theory was a name used occasionally by Byron Walton, aka Chicago House legend Jamie Principle. It's a bit of a tough call, but I think I have to go with the b-side here too. Both tracks are ill but "Voyeur" just hits a little harder.

Principle Theory "Bitch" (Vocal Mix feat. Coco Cocktail) (from Bitch 12", 1992)

Principle Theory "Bitch" (instrumental) (from Bitch 12", 1992)

Principle Theory "Voyeur" (from Bitch 12", 1992)

Scottie B has been getting around the internets lately and most recently he's popped up on KarmaloopTV, giving a tour of Baltimore, including some quick shots of the Unruly HQ. Check it out below:

Sneeze Mag No. 1

Not terribly timely at this point, but if you're in Vancouver or NYC, the inaugural June / July issue of Sneeze Magazine is available for two bucks. The content is a mix of skate/street stuff and randomness wrapped up in a cool 22 x 16, full color format that works really well. The full-screen vibe of their front page gives you a feel for what the mag is like: large and in your face.

Copies can be ordered through their website but the primary distribution method is via the old style newspaper boxes at Lafayette & Prince (NY) and Water & Abbott (Gastown). Very cool idea. It's definitely worth your toonie, and hopefully an August / September issue will be out soon.

And if you are in Vancouver, the No Age / Abe Vigoda / Mika Miko tour hits Richard's tonight. I've been looking forward to this since No Age played one of the best shows I've ever seen, period, at Pat's Pub last summer. It should be a killer night.

Mika Miko "Frisco Dyke" (from PPM EP, 2004)

Abe Vigoda "Animal Ghosts" (from Skeleton LP, 2008)

No Age "Sleeper Hold" (from Nouns LP, 2008)

Paul Westerberg – 49:00

Holy crap, out of nowhere Paul Westerberg released a new 'album', 49:00, a couple days ago. This one is download only.. but, never being one to fully embrace modern ways, he made things a little difficult: the album is one long 44 minute track comprised of a couple dozen songs. If this sounds like a drag, the price sure is right: $0.49 for the whole thing. After a couple listens, I'm really liking it. It's got some definite gems, and beats the hell out of the Open Season soundtrack. It's very much in line with the vibe of his post-major label releases: raw, ragged, and off-the-cuff. There's just a whole lot more fucking/joking around this time, with snippets of Born To Be Wild, the Partridge Family, and some brief musical sketches mixed in with the actual songs. At one point there are different songs in each channel. Anyway, it's great to see him back at work.

The easiest place to grab it would be here (Google Checkout/Paypal), though Amazon US has it too.


Sad news from Baltimore and the Unruly family – the Baltimore Sun and other outlets are reporting that 92Q DJ K-Swift passed away late Sunday night after an accident at her home. Back when Baltimore Club first spread outside the east coast, the mixes she sold through her website were one of the few ways to hear it. I never saw her spin or heard her on 92Q so I can't speak on the impact she had in Baltimore, but her mix cds did a lot to bring Club music to the people who were looking for it at a crucial point in its growth. Much respect.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Fire

Another cheapo 45 find, this time from a Value Village. Covers on both sides: Arthur Brown's "Fire" and the Mission Impossible theme. When I found it, I didn't know that Philips Canada had licensed her Press Color album from ZE, so I almost skipped over it when I saw the label (seriously, what else was Philips releasing around that time? Zamfir? Santa Esmeralda?) I would have preferred the 12" version, with the full edit of Fire, but this is still a nice one. Sadly, LMD's work still seems fairly slept on in light of how James Chance, ESG, Liquid Liquid and related NYC artists have been embraced and championed in the last 5-10 years.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux "Fire" (from Press Color, 1979)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux "Mission Impossible" (from Press Color, 1979)

On a completely different tip, journalist Jane Mayer fields six questions from lawyer/writer Scott Horton today on the subject of the Bush administration's torture program. Though she's been writing since the 80s, Mayer came to my attention after her in depth articles about the Bush administration, torture, SERE, and the Fox show 24 for The New Yorker, doing a lot to expose the extent of the program.

Cornell Campbell – Natty Dread In Greenwich Farm

After months of questionable weather it feels like Vancouver's summer might be here to stay for a while – great time for some roots. I found this single in the basement of Into The Music many years ago when they were in the Village. Not sure why it was relegated to the $0.25 bin but I wasn't going to complain, especially since it's one of the only reggae 45s I ever spotted there. 1975, produced by Bunny Lee, and backed with a killer dub – I don't know about your day but it suits mine perfectly. Enjoy.

Cornell Campbell – Natty Dread In Greenwich Farm (vocal)

Cornell Campbell – Natty Dread In Greenwich Farm (version)

SINDEN mix for We Make It Good

New-ish Sinden mix, courtesy of We Make It Good / Shilo / Death Of The Party.

Loads of new rips coming in the next while (something I've been slacking on), so keep checking back.

Who lives in the Downtown Eastside?

A new 102 page report (from the city)

..along with some commentary

It only includes those in social housing and SROs, but it's a very interesting look at that slice of the DTES population.