Paul Westerberg – 49:00

Holy crap, out of nowhere Paul Westerberg released a new 'album', 49:00, a couple days ago. This one is download only.. but, never being one to fully embrace modern ways, he made things a little difficult: the album is one long 44 minute track comprised of a couple dozen songs. If this sounds like a drag, the price sure is right: $0.49 for the whole thing. After a couple listens, I'm really liking it. It's got some definite gems, and beats the hell out of the Open Season soundtrack. It's very much in line with the vibe of his post-major label releases: raw, ragged, and off-the-cuff. There's just a whole lot more fucking/joking around this time, with snippets of Born To Be Wild, the Partridge Family, and some brief musical sketches mixed in with the actual songs. At one point there are different songs in each channel. Anyway, it's great to see him back at work.

The easiest place to grab it would be here (Google Checkout/Paypal), though Amazon US has it too.

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