Cleaning up

I was cleaning up one of my harddrives the other day and found some things I'd misplaced..

2nd II None "Be True To Yourself" (Extended Remix) (1991)

I first heard this track around 1991 on the H-Street skate vid Next. In the late 90s I found out it was from their debut on Profile, produced entirely by DJ Quik, and a while later I finally found the single in a pipe/pager/rap shop on East Lake in Minneapolis. 16+ years later this track still stands up for me. Yeah, the guitar solo could be dropped, but this mix is more satisfying than the 2:45 album version.

Side F-X "Rock The House" (Club Rap Mix) (1990)

I'm a sucker for hip-house. Like I'll pretty much buy any hip-house 12" and at least consider spinning it at some point. I picked this one up blindly at Jive Time in Seattle and both sides are cool. Jimmy Bo Horne's "Spank" wins every time.

Jazzi & Neat "Ouch Me Baby" (1990)

Got this one at Jive Time too, maybe on the same visit. Produced by DJ Man who did some work for Luke's Skyywalker Records in the 80s. Nice random Miami Bass 12".

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