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I tend to avoid gemm.com thanks to all the dudes trying to hustle ordinary stuff for 10x the price. But occasionally I luck out and I recently grabbed four Fiat Lux releases from a dealer for a few bucks each.

Caesar Palace "U Do It So Fine" 12", 1998

Caesar Palace "U Do It So Fine" (original)

Caesar Palace "Five On U"

Caesar Palace "U Do It So Fine" (Sexy Kool Remix)

One of the lesser known Fiat Lux artists, Caesar Palace were (are?) Jérôme Chesneau and Christophe Frère, and to my knowledge, their only other release under the CP name is a track on one of the Fiat Lux comps.

Standard fare for Fiat Lux, but I'm a sucker for that stuff so I can't complain.


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