Three tracks

Newly imposed Zshare wait time = wackness. If anyone has suggestions for an easy, reliable file host, get at me.

Lisa Mack "Kickone" (Dukeyman Remix) (1999)

Internet find from a little while ago. I think it was a couple dollars.. it probably flew under the radars of everyone looking for Baltimore Club (or is it just passé now?) since the listing didn't mention Bmore, Dukeyman, etc. This is from 1999 on Iceland Records, which is still semi-active in Baltimore. Lisa Mack now fronts a funk band called The Octonauts.

Circle Children "Zulu" (1994)

Some classic AVH here. According to Baltimore Club lore, this was always a big track in that scene. Seems kind of 'tribal', but I'm not going to argue with it. Apologies for the crackles.

Robbie Rivera "Feel This" (Rivera's Tribal Sessions Mix) (2001)

More Strictly Rhythm and more 'tribal' (hahaha...ugh). No, wait, hear me out. Corny as it may be, this shit bangs hard.



Rocket Silverstand said...

Yeah, zshare becomes crapy. I use it for my blog too, but as I don't have any Free account, I'm forcerd to use it.

Anyway, I don't know a lot about tribal house but it's all good. Feel This turned me mad.

Solid Goldberger said...

Hey Polo, you're doin great with the blog, keep up the great music!