Soggy records

I got a package of records I was waiting for yesterday and they arrived thoroughly soaked, like someone had just fished them out of False Creek. It wasn't even raining so I don't know what happened. Anyway, while they're drying, waiting to be ripped, here are some semi-random, recent rips..

Etienne de Crécy "Scratched" (Radio Edit) 2001

Etienne de Crécy has been releasing records for over a decade, helping to shape what would later be known as the French Touch sound. This is a smooth downtempo-ish single from his Tempovision album, which I picked up at the last record sale.

Alex Gopher "The Child" (Wuz Mix) (2000)

Alex Gopher has a similar history, having gone to school and played in a band with Etienne De Crécy in the early 90s. The two also started the Disques Solid label together. This is a Gopher/Demon remix from AG's You, My Baby & I album. A lengthy track, but it's worth the wait as some cool drums drop around the 6:00 mark and proceed to open up. Another record sale find.

Mickey Oliver "In-Ten-Si-T" (1988)

I picked this one up in Chicago, on a deadstock copy of the Hot Mix 5 '88 compilation. As far as I know, 1988 was the only year that got its own comp, as Hot Mix 5 output ceased after that year. Mickey Oliver was one of the original Hot Mix 5 DJs on Chicago's WBMX in the 80s and this is his best known single. Love the lo-fi Speak & Spell vox.

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