Good morning

I got up early to get some things done and listened to three of my favorite early morning, watch-the-sun-rise songs:

Popol Vuh "King Minos" (1974)

All of Einsjager & Siebenjager has this beautiful, peaceful quality, but this song stands out.

Michael Rother "KM 05" (1979)

Formerly of Kraftwerk, Neu!, and Harmonia, Michael Rother's solo albums of the late 70s/early 80s are also very much worth checking for. Katzenmusik has a dawn/sunny day feeling throughout (check the cover).

Big Star "Watch The Sunrise" (1972)

The music evokes it and the lyrics address it literally – perfect song for watching the sun come up.

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jmatt said...

hey man im really diggin the acid shack track. here is my edit of modjos lady, let me know what you think (sorry for the zshare link i cant find a better server either).